• Peace of mind 24/7

    Automate your home today with a voice activated personal assistant

  • Easy living

    Making life at home easier to manage and to stay there longer

  • Voice activate your home

    Get things done just by talking to your device


Set medication and appointment reminders, set morning and evening routines. Be reminded to feed your pets

Call Family Handsfree

Just simply ask your assistant to call your family members, the device uses your voice command to call your loved ones


Ask your personal assistant if the doors are locked at home from your recliner. Close your blinds and lock your doors from voice commands


Ask your assistant to play music, ask questions about anything, weather, history, even ask to hear a joke. Find out what's happening in the news today

Read Books

Let our Home Care Select personal assistant read books to you at anytime from apps and listen in any language. Podcasts can also be listened to

Turn lights On

Ask appliances in the home to turn on and off. Lights, TV, radio and even boil the jug. Set morning and afternoon routines. Play your favourite music every afternoon

Home Assistant with touch screen and speaker

Connect with family again through easy to use technology. Get visual immersive answers from Google and watch helpful videos from YouTube. See your tailored appointments and reminders for the day

Home Assistant with Speaker

Voice activate your home and listen to music whenever you please. Take control of your smart home by setting morning and evening routines and ask Google anything you please. Make life easy again

Home Assistant with Mini Speaker

Get the help you need around the house by simply saying 'Ok Google' turn on bedroom light, check if the doors are locked. Find out weather details and daily news by simply asking your device

Home Care Select Watch

Our Home Care Select Watches are a stylish new alternative to the medical pendant. With fall detection, GPS tracking and phone functionalities. Includes easy to use app for set up and monitoring for family members

Home Care Select Pendant

Home Care Select Pendants come standard with fall detection, GPS tracking, and emergency alerts. Waterproof with easy to use app included. Versatile wearing options such as belt clips, around neck or wrist

How it Works

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 at Home Care Select and we look forward to making life at home easy as well

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Featured Post
"Since installing a Google Hub with Home Care Select I can now rest assured Mum can contact us at anytime no matter what happens. She recently had a fall and was left for sometime before we knew about it. Now all she has to do it ask the personal assistant to call us - Love it"
Pat Summerhayes
For Peace of Mind 24/7