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Nicole and David are long term business colleagues. Both with parents and grandparents in their 60’s and 80’s they have seen the need for help when it comes to supporting their family members to stay in their homes comfortably and as long as possible. Since the invention of voice activated home assistants in 2016 David and Nicole saw a synergy with what this technology can offer and what their parents needed help with at home. Since then they have been working tirelessly on the integration of these personal assistants into the lives of our senior community to assist with day to day living. After 3 years of research and development the results were extraordinary, helping people to live at home longer safely and securely whilst providing peace of mind to the family members. Together they have created an easy, affordable, no fuss solution to care for your family members 24/7. Other team members are our caring and experienced customer relations team who come out to meet with residents personally tailoring a plan to suit your level of assistance. They are in most instances accompanied by a one of customer service technicians who ensure everything is running smoothly within the home assistants.

Nicole Antees

An accomplished business owner with a solid background in technologies for the past two decades working for some of Australia’s most prominent aged care companies including residential, assisted living and over 50s. Passionate about our senior community and delivering seamless technology care solutions for ease of living and peace of mind for loved ones.

David Parrish

With over 30 years of experience in the service industry David is well-known Franchise owner and operator. David is a Master of Systems and management. His experience with customer relations and service is second to none and ongoing commitment to providing the best when it comes to customer service.

“The care and attention to detail paid by the whole team at Home Care Select is really second to none. Dad has had Parkinson’s for some time now and he is getting worse. Some days he can’t make it out of his room. We have a personal assistant installed and now he can call us from his bed if he needs, hands free! Best investment we have made for our Dad's health”
Sara Jones

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