Nicole and Amber are long term business colleagues who were born and bred on the Gold Coast. Both with parents and grandparents in their 60’s and 80’s they have seen the need for help when it comes to supporting their family members to stay in their homes comfortably and as long as possible. When it comes to Home Care, nothing has been more frustrating than seeing and hearing advice being given to their senior family members to just go to the website and look it up. Realising that this is simply not an option for many people and can be incredibly confusing they have seen the need for print. Together they have created an easy, no fuss solution to researching Home Care services and providers by publishing a FREE Home Care Guide aimed at local areas. A magazine sized guide that will be distributed to the people who need it the most.


An accomplished editor with a solid background in advertising and marketing for the past two decades working for some of Australia’s most prominent aged care companies covering residential, assisted living and over 50s. Passionate about all things print and quality publications. Creative Director of a Gold Coast based marketing agency working with a diverse portfolio of brands to boost their business and growth through a multi-platform approach.


Over a decade of magazine advertising experience in the field of editorials and photographic. Producer and Stylist of film, television and print for the past 20 years in a variety of sectors including aged care, government and local councils, weddings, beauty, fashion, corporate and multi-national companies. Owner and designer of Gold Coast based mature women’s fashion label with attention to detail in branding, advertising and e-commerce.