Smart Homes the Way of the Future

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As technology continues to advance at a frantic pace, products have become much more intuitive, making them a whole lot easier to use. As a result, people have become less intimidated by technology and more comfortable with a wide variety of devices.

One category of device that has enjoyed particularly explosive growth is voice command or voice-activated devices.

What are Voice Command Devices?

You may be unfamiliar with the term voice command device, but it is exactly as it sounds. It is a device, most commonly a phone or a speaker, that you control with your voice. Ask it a question, and it will respond with an answer. Give it a command, and it will complete the desired task.

Want an example? Imagine you are having a discussion about the popular band U2, but neither you nor your friend can remember the name of the lead singer. You can simply activate the device and say, “Who is the lead singer in the band U2?” Your device will respond with “The lead singer in the band U2 is  Bono.” It’s that simple!

Google has created a voice command speaker. It is called the Google Home and it listens for the command “Okay, Google.” Google Home can play music and answer questions as well as interact with other “smart” devices in your home. Google Home, like most other voice-controlled speakers on the market, can turn on your oven, dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and more, as long as you have appliances that can connect.

The Future is Here Now!

Have a look at what you can do to automate your home now with Google Home!

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