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Home Care Select supplies and installs personal assistant devices in your home and also a range of accessories to help seniors stay at home longer 

Please see our product range here and our service plans here 

A home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone, computer or Google device

A smart device is a new breed of electronic device that connects to other devices or networks wirelessly through system such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G

Yes, we do. We install personal assistants at your home, smart watches and pendants for seniors with fall detection, GPS tracking and emergency alerts. We can also advise on other smart device connections in the home

Yes for the personal assistants but no for the watches or pendants

Google Home is intended to work with an active, secure internet connection provided by Wi-Fi

Our devices need to be set up with a smart phone however you do not need to own one

A fall detector can help detect a fall via a wearable device and get you help even when you can’t push the SOS button by dialling a pre-set mobile number

Smart software measures the speed of normal movements in every direction of the wearer. The device can then compare normal movement to an actual fall

Please see our product range here and our service plans here 

Please see our product range here and our service plans here 

Depends on functions required but from an hour plus

The GPS uses a satellite to  determine your exact location. Signals are then sent back to devices

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